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The Newest Adventure Race-Specific Training Program:

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Here are a few training tips for the Racing Humans Mud Run Series:

Train like you compete in your mud run adventure race! Generally, run at least two miles, every other day. Be sure to start running at least one month BEFORE the event, huffing and puffing during the race is prohibited, we will make fun of you. Try not to eat jelly donuts and drink bags of sugar; it will only slow you down.

Racing Humans Mud Run

Make sure you run on various types of terrain. Train on dirt tracks, run through mud, sand and even water. You will need to know how each of these conditions feel and how your body reacts under certain conditions.

Make sure you run in wet clothes and wet shoes. Jump in the pool, river, lake or ocean and then go for a run. It is important that you know how it feels to run when you are wet to reduce energy consumption, increase your comfort level, and know what the wear and tear feels like to run wet. Many people do not take into consideration the amount of weight water adds to your clothing and how much more energy it takes to run when your clothes and shoes are wet.

To prepare to run in muddy conditions, put tape over the bottom of your shoes so you get no traction. Feeling the lack of traction and loss of balance will help you prepare to run in the muddiest of conditions.

Racing Humans Mud Run

The week of the race it is imperative that you stay hydrated, especially if you are running during the hot summer months. Remember, if you are thirsty….it’s too late! Don’t wait until you bottom out to start drinking. Drink water, not soft drinks, fruit drinks or energy drinks.

The day of the race, you should consider wearing spandex/nylon short or what is sometimes referred to as gaulding shorts to reduce the amount of chaffing that can occur when running in wet clothes. Double knot your shoe laces to make sure they stay tied on the wet and muddy track.

Pace yourself, know your limits, and most importantly HAVE FUN!

Getting in shape is not only good for the Racing Humans mud run, but is good for your health in general.

Training For The Active Human

The extreme Human will want to focus on running and core strength.

Running: You should run 3.1 miles a minimum of 4 days a week to prepare. If you don’t already own some sort of watch or heart rate monitor (best option), you should definitely get one because you’re going to need it. Whatever your total time is, set a goal for yourself to improve on that time by 10-20 seconds each week for the two months leading up to the event. If you do this you could drop a total of over a minute and a half in two months! Also, some creative ways to change it up are wearing ankle weights, running off road (highly recommended) and doing intervals (sprinting for a minute or two then jogging for a minute or two).

Core Strength:

Mountain Climbers-

You’ll need enough floor space to assume a pushup position

While in a pushup position, “pump” your legs into a sprinters stance. Alternate legs, exploding off the floor and tucking one knee in under your body with the other leg extended landing on your toes. Complete intervals of 45-60 seconds for five sets.


Lay down with your elbows and tows touching the floor, hold yourself up (back straight) for 1 minute for 4 total sets.

Scissor kicks-

Lay on your back with your hands to your side touching the floor. Point your toes and scissor your legs about one foot above the ground. Do this for 30-45 seconds for 4 sets.


Perform a total of 200 pushups using one or more of the following variations:

Decline- put your feet up on a chair, couch, etc.

Incline- Place your hands on the chair or couch.

Hindu- See instruction video

Wide pushup- hands wider than shoulder width apart

Narrow pushup- hands narrower than shoulder width apart.


3sets X 30 reps

Mary Jane’s-

Perform lunges using the same form as normal. Instead of coming back up to a standing position, jump to the next. For example, If your right leg is forward and your left leg is back, thrust upward with your legs and switch them in the air, land and repeat. (see video for correct form). 3sets X 20 reps.


4 sets of 10 reps (overhand; all the way down, al l the way up).

Training For The NOT-so-active Human

Non-active Participants- If you are considering participating in the Racing Humans National Mud Run series and think you’re a little out of shape here are a couple things you can do to prepare yourself for the most fun and challenging Adventure race of your life! First, you will want to focus on doing as much running as possible. Begin your training a minimum of one month in advance.

It is best to do as much running as possible on non-paved paths. Start off walking a minimum of half a mile at a time (at your own pace). It is good advice to get a watch to time yourself so you can set goals and achieve them. Racing Humans TrainingWalk a half mile at least once a day for the first 3-4 days. On the fifth day increase the total distance to a mile (everyone progresses at a different rate. Don’t hurt yourself trying to prepare for this event).

Once you’ve gotten used to walking a mile you will want to start jogging throughout. Think of doing one or two minute intervals; whichever suits you best. Two minutes walking, two minutes jogging until you reach the mile mark. You will want to continue this process until you can jog for 5k(3.1miles). Remember to take it easy if you’re not used to running. The last thing you want is to get shin splints and have to stop training.

Once you start jogging for a mile or more a day you will want to give yourself a minimum of two days a week to rest. This allows the body to rebuild its muscles so you will be ready for the next training day. In addition to the running, it will be very beneficial to alternate days of upper body workouts and lower body workouts (keeping in mind the two days of rest).

Racing Humans recommends this workout program for new runners to prepare:

  1. Day 1: Pushups (30 total. 4 sets; 10, 8, 6, 6). Crunches (50 total crunches divided into 4 sets; 15, 15, 10, 10.) Alternate from pushups to crunches with 30 seconds of rest in between each set.
  2. Day 2: Squats (30 total. 4 sets; 10, 8, 6, 6). Standing Lunges, alternate legs (30 total. 4 sets; 10, 8, 6, 6). Jumping Jacks 3 sets; 20, 15, 10. (use the jumping jacks as a warm up). Alternate between squats and lunges with 60 seconds of rest in between sets. Be sure to drink plenty of water, especially during the week leading up to the event.

It will also be beneficial if you have access to a pool and a pull-up bar. Swim approximately 50 yards (most gym pools this is one full lap, down and back). Do 3-4 sets of this at least once a week. On the pull up bar, start off doing just a couple of reps per set for three sets. Try to increase that number by one pull up per week until the event date.

***See training videos for information on correct form and intensity of the workout.

Training for 50+ Participants

  • If you are looking to improve your running skills, are not an athlete and are in a 50+ age bracket, the following workout will assist in preparing for Racing Humans 5k mud run;
  • If you are already an athlete, follow this workout plan:
  • Running:Run at least 5k (3.1 miles) 3 times per week for the two months leading up to the event. Try to increase your time by 8-10 seconds a week. If at any time you feel pain in your joints, stop immediately. If pain persists in more than one day, switch to mostly elliptical machine or stationary bicycle.Strength Training:Push Up Position-Hold push up position for 30 seconds X 3 setsCrunches-20 crunches X 3 setsWall Squats -30-60 seconds X 4 sets** Do this short strengthening workout 3 times a week for 2 months leading up to the event.